3 Tips To Help Bees Return To Your Garden

As you know, bees are experiencing a worrying decline. They play an essential role in pollination and the renewal of plant species on Earth. It is important to know that each of us can act to help protect them. If you have a garden, follow these tips!

Ban the use of pesticides.

Stop using pesticides in your garden. There are many natural methods to keep pests away. For your vegetable garden, use liquid manure or compost. You can also spray a decoction of garlic on your plants to fight aphids, mites, caterpillars and diseases such as peach blight, grape blight, mildew, rust, powdery mildew, moniliosis and strawberry gray mold naturally.

Plant flowers to attract bees

Plant thyme, rosemary, lavender or honeysuckle in your garden. They are very appreciated by bees.

Report Asian hornet nests

If you spot any, report them to your local town hall. Asian hornets are major predators of our bees and may be partly responsible for their decline.

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