4 100% Natural Fertilizers For Your Green Plants

Whether indoors or outdoors, your green plants need fertilizer to grow. However, some commercial fertilizers are particularly expensive and not recommended for your health. As we often say, you are never better served than by yourself, so here are several ways to make your own fertilizer for green plants without any chemical products.

Recycle tea and coffee
Using vegetable cooking water
With eggshells
Wood ash is a very good fertilizer

Recycling tea and coffee

It is far from being obvious, but tea is mainly composed of oligo-elements and fluorine, two ingredients that guarantee a beautiful growth and a happy bloom. Coffee can make an excellent fertilizer to mix with your soil. So, instead of throwing away your tea bags, used or not, or emptying your coffee grounds, do the right thing and think about recycling them into fertilizer. They will always be more useful in the middle of your plants than in your garbage can, don’t you think? There are also many other ideas to recycle your coffee grounds.

Use vegetable cooking water

Cooking water, from pasta, rice or vegetables, is known to be an excellent fertilizer because of its mineral content. It is a natural and economical fertilizer. Simply let your cooking water cool after cooking your food and then pour it into the soil. There are also many other ways to recycle your cooking water.

With eggshells

Another way to recycle your waste is with eggshells. Crush them well and let them dry for a while in the sun. Finally, mix them with the soil of your plants. A superb natural fertilizer! But there are 13 other incredible uses for eggshells.

Wood ash is a great fertilizer

If you have a fireplace that works often and you don’t know what to do with your ashes, get them urgently! Wood ash contains a lot of potash and phosphorus, making it an excellent fertilizer. Wood ashes also have other unimaginable and very effective benefits.