4 Garden Myths To Avoid Right Now

Do you have cats in the garden? Are you dealing with blossom end rot? Maybe you want to use pine needles as mulch?

Or how about eggshells in the garden? There are a LOT of myths and misconceptions about gardening, oftentimes passed down from generation to generation without a lot of science or evidence to back them up.

In today’s video, I’ll dive into 4 of the MANY gardening myths out there. Have a favorite I didn’t mention? Let me know down below.

Misnomers or myths about gardening
1) Use or misuse of eggshells (they do not deter slugs or snails).
2) Don’t use pointy things (such as one-use plastic forks) to deter cats or pests, it doesn’t work.
3) Blossom end rot: it is a plant condition. To avoid: consistent watering, take care of the plant
4) Pine needles acidify the soil but only minimally. Fresh pine needles are slightly acidic and old needles are barely acidic at all.
You can even add pin needles to compost