5 Must-have Innovations For The Garden

Every year, the garden also has the right to its share of innovations that change the way we use it. These innovations, whether they make it smarter or more comfortable, allow us to better enjoy this space of nature, often beneficial in the heart of a hectic urban life. Here is a small selection that will allow you to better enjoy your garden.

The transportable solar lamp

The solar lamp is not a great novelty in itself. It was already found in the form of a torch to be planted in flower pots or along pathways. Now, it is increasingly found in the form of decorative object easy to carry. Generally, it has the shape of a jam jar or a terrine whose lid is equipped with a solar lamp and a handle. The advantage is that it is then possible to hang it everywhere, but also to change its color easily.

The inflatable hammock

The inflatable hammock is undoubtedly one of the most popular recent innovations of recent years. Thanks to it, there is no need to find two solid trees close enough to enjoy the enveloping comfort of a hammock. For a garden, it is the ideal equipment, especially because it is very easy to store. Once the air is out of it, it folds up very easily and takes up almost no space.

Composting for everyone

The problem with most urban gardens is that they are not very large. As a result, gardening and vegetable gardeners are limited and often frustrated. Fortunately, new composting solutions for small spaces are now available. Some people even install these compost bins on balconies, windowsills or even indoors!

Vertical gardening

Still with the idea of saving space, new solutions for vertical gardening have recently been developed. Although they are not revolutionary, these solutions have been adapted to the new needs and requirements of permaculture and soft gardening enthusiasts.

The connected automatic watering system

Finally, the dream of many garden lovers has finally become reality: the intelligent automatic watering system. Drawing on home automation technologies, this type of watering system automatically adapts the quantity of water used to the plants, but also to the weather forecast, which it consults alone on the Internet. So you don’t have to do anything to have a properly watered garden.

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