7 Amazing And Unsuspected Things You Can Compost

Composting is becoming more and more popular. And if we had recently proposed an article on the things you can put in it or not, we had not addressed at any time the surprising things you can compost… And yet, there is a whole bunch of unsuspected waste that have their place! Here are a few examples that you didn’t even think of to lighten your garbage bags even more.

1) The corks

If you don’t use them on a daily basis with some cool recycling tricks, slip them into the compost! Of course, you’ll have to be wary of the real plastic imitations here. However, if you have real natural corks, they can be added to your compost. You may want to cut the cork into pieces to facilitate its decomposition. As for the glass from the bottle, head for the recycling bin of course!

2) Cotton buds and cotton balls

Who would have thought? The bathroom could benefit from having a small basket dedicated to composting, just like the kitchen. Indeed, there are some amazing little things to compost like your cotton buds. To do this, you must obviously turn to those that are plastic-free. It’s a good thing: they are destined to disappear! And if we avoid putting dental floss in them, we can on the other hand slip in cotton balls and small rolls of toilet paper cut into pieces.

3) Vegetable sponges


If you’ve decided to grow loofah sponges in the garden, the good news is that they can go back into the garden as compost! By the way, all sponges can end their lives there in peace, so don’t hesitate to replace your synthetic sponges that are sources of regular waste with these alternatives.

4) Clothes made of 100% natural fibers are also one of those amazing things you can compost

When a fabric is old, irreparably stained or damaged, the temptation is great to throw it away for lack of being able to save it or give it away. However, we can often make rags for the household! Also, fabrics made of natural fibers such as linen, silk, cotton or pure wool can also be put in the compost. To do this, you must of course carefully break them up and remove all the more synthetic, metallic or in any case non-compostable additions: zippers, buttons, chemical or paint stains, etc.

5) Hair, nail clippings and fur

Does it drive you crazy to see the clumps of hair your cat sheds on the couch or your dog’s that sit proudly on the carpet? Maybe you’ll find some comfort in the idea of throwing them in the compost! By the way, don’t forget to put your hair in the compost bin when you clean your brush or nail clippings. And if you’re trimming your bangs or lengths, think about that too. It’s not very tasty, but if it’s effective…

6) Your pet’s old food

If your pet’s food has been sitting in the corner for too long and is stale, it can be composted. Be careful to bury them well so that your fur ball can’t smell them… A doggie that’s a little too gluttonous that takes a dive into the compost is still not one of those amazing things you can compost! 😉

7) The contents of your vacuum cleaner bag

First of all, know that some vacuum bags are compostable themselves. So, don’t hesitate to look at what it’s made of to be sure! As for the contents of the vacuum cleaner, these are usually the amazing compostable things mentioned earlier like hair, nails or hair. Also, the dirt found in the vacuum cleaner as well as dust are not incompatible with composting either. Of course, you should avoid it if you have recently collected non-compostable waste such as metal or plastic materials. In this case, it will be the direction of the garbage can without mercy!