8 Steps To Help A Fallen Bird

Many young birds fall out of their nests in spring, and happy is our cat! Sometimes we find one in our garden or in the street. It is important to know how to react to this situation to best preserve the life of the chick.

It is not surprising to find a disoriented little ball of feathers in our garden. According to the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux (LPO), picking up the little bird in distress by a good samaritan proves to be fatal in 39% of cases.

Here is how to act to help him.

1) Stay calm! Don’t rush to the bird’s aid, first observe from a distance the physical condition of the animal and if its parents are not waiting for you to leave to rescue their offspring.

2) If the chick needs to be rescued, wear gloves to protect yourself and not to deposit human scent on the bird. Gently grab the bird with your arms outstretched and place a cloth over it to relieve stress.

3) The wings must be glued to the body and the head hidden. Be careful never to close the bird’s beak!

4) Keep the bird at a distance from any people around you, showing it off will only increase its stress and worsen its condition.

5) Then place the bird in a small box so that it doesn’t get hurt and don’t forget to make holes so that it can breathe easily. Isolate it in a quiet room at a good temperature until the rescue organization arrives, or take it to a veterinarian.

6) Finally, don’t give him food or water, you could suffocate him or give him unsuitable food.

7) If the nest of this one is not very far and that it is not of age to fly, replace it delicately in its nest. If not, or if the bird is able to fly, place it safely next to where you found it so that its parents can come and get it or it will not fly away by itself.

8) If an emergency is necessary or if the bird does not manage to recover, contact the LPO safeguard center nearest to you

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