A Natural Recipe To Eliminate Red Spiders

Red spiders are arachnids in name only, because they are mites that like to swarm on plants. They are therefore very commonly found lurking discreetly under leaves in gardens, but also sometimes in our homes. Once the invasion is launched, most often when the good weather is here and until the return of spring, the plants can quickly become spoiled and present yellowed or scorched leaves. It must be said that red spiders are particularly voracious of sap, which does not do the plants any favors. The problem is that insecticides are of no use: they may kill some of them, but they will also kill their predators… so they will come back at high speed! Here is a natural solution to eradicate them.

What you need:

250 to 300 grams of fresh tansy.
1) Get fresh tansy. This natural insecticide and fungicide can be picked in uncultivated places all over France (roadsides or riversides…).

2) Once you have the plant, chop it up and boil a liter of water.

3) Infuse the fresh tansy. Allow 24 hours for the mixture to be really effective.

4) Spray your infusion on the leaves, especially on the underside which is the most commonly infested area. The invasion should quickly be stopped.

In addition, don’t hesitate to play on the weak point of these mites: they hate water and will not tolerate repeated watering with a hose on the back of the leaves! Speaking of leaves, always burn those that fall on the ground.