A Simple Tip To Make Repotting A Plant Easy

In general, we love the idea of a plant needing to be repotted, as it is a sign that it has grown well and will still be able to continue. It’s also a crucial step in keeping the plant healthy, because with some exceptions like the orchid, most plants will eventually need room for their roots. Nevertheless, we don’t always know how to properly manage this important step in the care of a plant.

Here’s how to repot a plant with a simple technique: the mold technique!

What you need:
The plant in its old pot
A new pot of larger size
Potting soil adapted to the type of plant to be repotted
1) Put the old pot in the new one, making sure to place it in the center.

2) Add soil to fill in the gaps between the two pots.

3) Remove the old pot. You will see that you have an empty space where you will put the plant.

4) Put the removed plant in its new pot in the space molded by its old pot.

5) Water well. And that’s it!