An Original Technique To Enrich The Soil In A Pot

Sometimes, the success of a plant is due to a few simple tricks well known to the initiated. Today’s tip is one of them, not complicated, but it can make all the difference. The idea is to use a raw egg to effectively enrich the soil with nutrients that will be released during decomposition. This will allow the plants or vegetables in the garden to grow healthily.

What you need:

  • An egg
  • A pot
  • Soil
  • Seeds

1) Start by putting about 5 cm of soil in the bottom of the pot.

2) Place your egg in the pot, taking care not to crack it. Cover with soil.

3) With a screwdriver, create 5 to 6 holes about 2 cm deep.

4) Put 1 or 2 seeds in each hole and cover with a little soil.

5) Then make sure the soil is moist, but not wet to the touch.