Are Begonias Easy to Propagate

Are Begonias Easy to Propagate
Young begonia plants from head cuttings – a simple method for propagation

After a few years begonias lose their compact shape and should be rejuvenated. Fortunately, these houseplants are very capable of regeneration.

From rhizome pieces, head cuttings, leaves and even leaf pieces can be grown complete new begonia plants. There are two methods for propagation by leaf cuttings:

  1. cut a leaf into pieces about 3 x 3 cm and stick them into the soil. Place pots in a warm, bright place and put a perforated plastic bag over them for higher humidity.
  2. Choose a firm, undamaged leaf and cut the main veins on the underside of the leaf in several places with a razor blade. Place the leaf, underside up, in a shallow container with a soil and sand mixture and weigh the leaf down with a few small stones. Cover the container with foil. After a few weeks, new plants will form at the incisions.