I have 30 years of experience and i started this website to see if i could try and share my knowledge to help you. With a degree a Horticulture BSc (Hons) I have worked as a horticulture specialist lead gardener, garden landscaper,  and of course i am a hobby gardener at home in my own garden. Please if you have any questions leave them on the article and i will get back to you personally.

Steps Needed To Hand Pollinate Plants

In order to preserve the genetics of your heirloom vegetables, here is how to manually pollinate the flowers. These steps are essential to obtain seeds that will preserve the characteristics of the parents. This procedure should be done as early as possible in the season so that the fruit will reach maturity. Steps to follow …

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Complete Guide To Pollination

Pollination is completely natural. But what do we know about it? Here is a summary of what you need to know! Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the stamens (male reproductive organs) to the pistil (female reproductive organ) of a plant. It ensures fertilization and the production of seeds and fruits. Pollen transportPollen is …

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How To Create a Potato Tower

Growing potatoes high up is very clever. This process saves space, which is always interesting in small gardens. The potato tower can even be installed on a terrace or balcony. Potato towers can be found in stores, but it is also very easy to make them with recycled materials, wire mesh or wood. All that …

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Growing Garlic In Water Guide

It is surprisingly easy to plan garlic indoors without even using potting soil. The method for doing this involves a glass container and a little water, and it’s the perfect way to grow garlic leaves year-round. What exactly are garlic leaves? Also known as baby garlic or garlic strands, garlic leaves are the shoots that …

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How To Grow Garlic In Water

How to grow garlic in water If you want to grow garlic but don’t have the space for a garden or a large pot, you can try growing garlic in water. Growing garlic in water is a great way to have fresh garlic available when you want it, without the hassle and expense of going …

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Can You Grow Garlic From a Clove? (Grow Garlic From Bulb Guide)

How to germinate and propagate garlic at home?Garlic is a biennial lily, but it behaves like a perennial, because the cloves grow only the following year. It is divided into soft-stemmed and hard-stemmed varieties. Soft-stemmed garlic produces many small pods growing around the central stem. The hard-stemmed variety produces larger cloves, but in smaller quantities. …

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