Create A Low-maintenance Garden: Here’s How To Design It

pflegeleichter garten

A low-maintenance garden is especially suitable for people who do not want to do without a garden and at the same time do not want to invest a lot of time. We will show you how to create such a garden.

A low-maintenance garden is essential if you don’t have a lot of time to spend on it. Below, we’ll show you the best tips and tricks for it. You’ll see: Just because your garden should be low-maintenance, it can still be close to nature and insect-friendly.

Low-maintenance garden thanks to high-quality plants
The heart of a garden is the plants that grow in it. That’s why you should be especially careful when choosing them. If you want to enjoy them for a long time and want them to thrive, you should choose healthy, strong plants. Look carefully at the plants when you buy them:

Examine them for possible pests and diseases.
See if you can spot healthy young shoots.
The leaves should not look sick or pale.
Don’t buy plants that already have bent main shoots or injured leaves.
If possible, do not buy your plants in hardware stores and discount stores. It is best to go to a nursery or garden center in your town and get detailed advice.

Tip: Ask directly for easy-care, robust and bee-friendly plants and avoid varieties that require a lot of care.

Know the conditions in your own garden

Just because your plants are healthy and high quality doesn’t necessarily mean they will thrive in your garden. To choose the right plants for your garden, you need to know the conditions in your garden. The main issue is the soil: Does it tend to be dry or moist? Is the soil acidic or alkaline? How many nutrients are in the soil? A soil test can help here – it will tell you everything you need to know about your soil.

If soil and plants match, you will have much less maintenance, fewer diseases and longer enjoyment of your plants.

Native instead of tropical plants
For a low-maintenance garden, native plants are ideal. These are far more robust and hardy than tropical exotics. Plants from southern countries need a lot of attention in this country to thrive at all. You need to water and fertilize native plants much less often, because they are adapted to the prevailing weather conditions.

What’s more, with many native plants you’re also doing insects such as bees and bumblebees and birds a big favor. They find food and shelter here.

Easy care garden: perennials and ground cover

Bodendecker sind robust und bedecken große Areale.

Annual summer flowers are nice to look at, but they involve a lot of work. If you want it to be less laborious, perennial hardy perennials are a very good choice. These grow quickly and require little maintenance.

You can also plant large areas with groundcovers. If you choose evergreen groundcovers, they will stay beautiful even in the cold months.

Garden furniture from easy care material

Of course, in a garden can not be missing a few pieces of furniture, such as garden chairs, deck chairs and tables. Some materials are more suitable for this than others for a low-maintenance garden. Wooden furniture is nice to look at, but its longevity is limited. Wood weathers relatively quickly and then needs to be painted regularly.

If it should be wood anyway, you should rather fall back on hardwood instead of softwood. Alternatively, aluminum, stainless steel and wicker are now popular. In addition, there are options such as polyrattan, polywood and plastic – these materials are easy to maintain, but not necessarily recommendable with regard to the environment.

By the way, you don’t always have to buy new garden furniture. Instead, take a look at flea markets, eBay classifieds or suitable Facebook groups in your area. You’re sure to find a bargain or two – and do something good for the environment at the same time.

Wildflowers instead of perfect lawn

Eine Wildblumenwiese ist pflegeleicht und bienenfreundlich.

If you want your lawn to be healthy, you need to mow, fertilize and scarify it regularly. This involves a lot of effort. A wildflower meadow requires less maintenance: Simply find a suitable area in your garden and sow wildflowers there. You can then let the meadow grow with good knowledge – in summer you can mow it with a scythe.

Tip: A wildflower meadow is a paradise for insects, because they find plenty of nectar and pollen there. All in all, you should prefer to use wild varieties instead of cultivated ones. This is especially true for wild roses.

Low-maintenance garden: mulching

Mulching involves spreading organic material in a thick layer on the soil around certain plants. For ornamental plants, for example, compost, bark chips, coconut fiber or lawn clippings are suitable. This layer helps suppress weeds, giving you less work to weed. It also keeps plant roots cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Small organisms that live in the soil gradually decompose the mulch layer, releasing valuable nutrients.