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Discover the history of wind chimes

Wind chimes also known as wind chimes are most often a chime that is suspended in the air and which, thanks to the natural movement of the effects of the wind, emits or produces sounds. Wind chimes are most often composed of metal or wooden objects such as tubes, bells, slats, rods… Wind chimes are often suspended in the open air mainly as a visual and sound ornament and are arranged so that the tubes, slats, bells… collide with each other at the natural whim of the blowing wind to emit tinkling sounds. Wind chimes can also be described as a decorative percussion instrument that emits simple or broken sounds and melodies according to the random effects of the wind.
The basic components of wind chimes are not limited to wood, tubing, rods or metal as wind chimes can also be made of other elements such as stoneware, keys, beads, earthenware, porcelain, glass, shell, stone and bamboo. Materials such as cookie cutters, exotic items or silverware can be used to create wind chimes after recycling.

Therefore we can already distinguish some types of wind chimes which are :
wooden wind chimes
ceramic wind chimes
metal wind chimes
The choice of the components is very important because these components will determine the sound that the future wind chime will produce under the effect of the wind.
The sounds or melodies that wind chimes can produce vary widely from pleasant tinkling to dull noises, from melodious to dissonant sounds, from notes to unpleasant sounds. The quality of the tone is largely determined by the material used to make the wind chimes and also by their hanging methods.

Wind chimes are most often hung in open air gardens, under the corners of roofs of houses, in courtyards, on porticoes, in temples and palaces.

As wind chimes are of Asian origin there is no doubt that they have existed since ancient times. The Japanese fūrin, the Chinese bianzhong, the yong-zhong,the feng-ling… are some of the main ones originating in Asia.

Some uses of wind chimes
The usefulness of wind chimes varies according to the type of wind chime and the customs of the environment in which it is used.
The wind chimes for the most part have kept their classical uses such as: bringing luck, keeping away evil spirits and malevolent spirits. Wind chimes are a symbol of fortune and a charm against the evil eye. The pleasant tinkling of the wind chimes have the privilege to attract positive energy, prosperity, money, opportunities…

Nowadays wind chimes are more used in the world of meditation in order to increase the flow of chi, the energy of life.

Wind chimes and meditation
In the world of meditation the use of quality hand-tuned wind chimes helps to focus one’s consciousness and concentration. The melodies of the chimes intertwine and are very pleasant to the ear. When you engage in meditation with wind chimes in addition to a fan across the room to “play” the wind chimes or a fan that oscillates to play the chimes at regular intervals, the gentle melody of the wind chimes will allow you to release, focus more, recall memories, reduce stress, clear your mind and relax.
The wind chimes are perfect for meditation techniques such as the thought process, the flight of the wind…

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