Does Black Cumin Oil Help Against Ticks?

Ticks are not only annoying bloodsuckers, they can also transmit dangerous diseases. Therefore, it is important to remove them as soon as possible once they have attached themselves. However, it is even better to prevent a tick bite from happening in the first place. In addition to chemical repellents, there are also some home remedies available to effectively protect against wood ticks. This includes black cumin oil, which is supposed to help against ticks.

These dangerous bloodsuckers are found just about everywhere in the wild. They lurk on grasses or in low bushes and drop on a host when it walks by. Sometimes you also inadvertently brush off the little animals when walking through meadows with tall grasses. After crawling over clothing and skin for some time, they look for a suitable place to suck blood. Usually the tick bite is not felt, at most an itching indicates it. Then the spot should not be scratched under any circumstances, so that the tick is not destroyed. It must be removed with tweezers or a special tick card. The mouthparts in particular are very stubborn.

Some diseases that can be transmitted by tick bites:

  • TBE (early summer meningitis – vaccination recommended).
  • Lyme disease (Bacterial infection – antibiotic administration as treatment)
  • Q fever (Bacterial infection – reportable)
  • Tick paralysis (reaction to the nerve toxin which inhibits clotting)
  • Tularemia (rabbit plague, transmissible to humans, with severe courses of disease)

Tip: Pathogens are usually not transmitted immediately, so the tick must be removed as soon as possible.

Black cumin oil against ticks

This oil is obtained from the seeds of black cumin (Nigella sativa). Despite the name, black cumin is not related to caraway or cumin. Black cumin is used as a spice and as a medicinal plant. Its use dates back to over 2000 years of experience in natural medicine. Especially the black cumin oil is said to have many positive effects. Thus, it is supposed to help against diseases of the skin, hair, immune system and even cancer. However, the mode of action is scientifically controversial, because there are not yet enough studies on it.


  • Vitamins (C, E, B vitamins).
  • minerals (magnesium, selenium)
  • essential oils (thymoquinone)

Does black cumin oil help against ticks?

The fact that the oil possibly helps against Ixodida goes back to the experience of a student who made experiments with his dog and presented them at “Jugend forscht”. He gave his dog the oil of black cumin daily due to a food intolerance. The student soon noticed that there were fewer woodbucks on the dog as a result. To confirm his suspicions, the young man extended his experiments to ticks, which he collected in a meadow. In the process, he noticed that the animals avoided blood or sweat mixed with the oil of black cumin. Apparently, the bloodsuckers have an aversion to the smell of the oil.

To what extent these experiences are transferable to humans is not known. In tests, home remedies generally do not perform so well when it comes to tick repellent. Chemical means are always in the advantage. However, if you want to avoid them, you can try black cumin oil against ticks.


For dogs, it is enough to regularly administer some oil (1 mg per kg of body weight) through the food. Even a few drops spread on the nape of the neck will deter ticks. Note, however, that they are not killed as with appropriate means from the vet.

Note: Black seed oil is not suitable for cats, as it is toxic for them. They lack the ability to digest or break down some of the ingredients of the oil.

For humans, about one tablespoon of oil daily is usually enough for the positive effects to unfold. Since it also helps with allergies and other diseases, the effect against wood bumps can be considered a pleasant side effect. If you want to use the oil externally, it is best to mix it into a body lotion or sunscreen. A few drops are enough for this. You can also apply the oil pure, but it is better to distribute mixed in other means.


Since the effect of black cumin oil on wood ticks is not scientifically proven, you should still consider other measures. In nature, long clothing, preferably light-colored, protects against ticks settling on uncovered skin. After the walk, you should thoroughly scan the body, this is especially true for children who play outside a lot. Ticks are easier to spot on light-colored clothing.

Chemical agents must be applied or sprayed on before the walk. However, they are not always compatible with children. For pets, there are appropriate means at the vet. These are either administered orally as a tablet or dripped into the neck. The protection then usually lasts for a long time. You should also check pets after a walk, as a tick can also be transmitted from a dog to its owner in the event of close contact.