Does This Fruit Really Taste Like Chocolate Pudding? Black Sapote Tasting & Growing

Today we’ll be exploring black sapote to find out if this fruit really tastes like chocolate pudding. I’ll also talk a bit about growing them, and show you my black sapote trees that I grew from seed, including showing you the things that went well and not so well with the growing in my experience. Black sapote (Diospyros nigra), also called chocolate pudding fruit, are in the persimmon family, and are native to Mexico, Central America and Columbia. Seedlings are frost tender, but when mature and established, the trees can survive light frosts and temperatures down to around -2.2C (28F).

These fruit trees are quite beautiful and the unusual fruit is like nothing I’ve tried before. Definitely a great rare fruit tree to incorporate into a subtropical garden. If these are too tropical to grow in your area, I also show my persimmon tree, (related to black sapote), which might be a more suitable option for you to grow in your area. My tree is a ‘Fuyu’ Persimmon and can be grown down to USDA cold hardiness Zone 7.