Don’t Throw Away Your Old Sponges! Here Is What You Can Do With Them

Your old sponges can be used as a seed tray. Don’t throw them away anymore, but instead allow them to harbor new life.

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Here’s how to recycle an old sponge!

  • First, clean the used sponge well and soak it in vinegar alcohol to disinfect it.
  • Rinse, run the sponge under warm water and squeeze it out until it is half drained.
  • Insert various seeds into the holes of the sponge. For example, use millet, red clover, purslane, flax…
  • Place the sponge in the light and water it lightly every morning for a week or more.
  • The seeds will soon germinate. You can use them to garnish your salads. Throw away your sponge after use.

Another amazing sponge-related tip is to consider… planting sponges! This will keep them available for a long time in your green spaces.

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