Fast Growing Evergreen Hedges

What evergreen hedge plants grow quickly?

From many hedge plants there are also fast-growing species. Fast-growing plants that are popular are conifers. These can grow up to 50 inches a year, and because of their uniform growth in height and width, are suitable for anyone who wants to quickly have a natural garden border in your yard. Because of its rapid growth, a conifer hedge provides a good privacy screen in a very short time. However, the fast growth makes regular maintenance necessary. If the conifer is not pruned at least twice a year, it will quickly grow in width and take up a lot of space in your garden. When pruning, you should in any case not cut to the brown inner part of the hedge, because only green branches can sprout again.

Fast Growing Evergreen Hedges
Cherry laurel also grows very quickly. It can grow 30-50 centimeters per year.

Cherry laurel also grows very quickly. It can grow 30-50 centimeters per year. Of course, this also depends on the variety that you plant in your garden. What they all have in common is their robust growth. These plants are well suited for topiary and can be transformed into a very special hedge. For somewhat larger hedges, the large-leaved varieties are most suitable. The small-leaved varieties such as ‘Etna’, ‘Otto Luyken’ or the Portuguese Cherry Laurel can be used as medium or smaller hedges. These plants need to be pruned once or twice a year. Shoots that shoot up can be pruned in between. Use regular hedge shears for pruning.

The wintergreen privet (Ligustrum vulgare ‘Atrovirens’) is also very suitable. This variety retains its foliage even in severe winters and quickly gives the desired result because of its strong growth. If you buy bare-root plants of this privet, in a few years you will have a tall, year-round privacy screen at a very attractive price. Privet should be pruned at the end of spring and possibly again at the end of summer.