Grafting Loquat Trees – Learn How To Graft (Includes 8 Months of Results)

Join me to learn how to graft Loquat trees from start to finish with the goal of getting your fruit trees to produce fruit sooner. In this grafting tutorial I’ll teach you how to do a cleft graft or wedge graft, and you’ll also learn some of the reasons why grafting is a great thing to do with seedling fruit trees.

I grew these loquat trees from seed, and as they can take 7 or more years to fruit from seed, grafting is a good idea to speed up the time it takes for your fruit trees to produce a harvest. This grafting guide takes you through the whole grafting process, close up, and I’ll be there with you the whole way to take you through it. I hope this helps you gain confidence with grafting – I’m still in the early stages of learning about grafting, so I have so much more to learn and discover, but I’ll no doubt continue sharing my grafting experiments and journey with you as I learn to graft different fruit trees 🙂

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