Growing Miracle Berry Fruit from Seed

I was able to find some of these tropical fruit seeds online and I can’t wait to share their progress with you. In this video you’ll see me sow the seeds as well as an update once they’ve sprouted. Miracle berry fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) are small red berries that contains a glycoprotein called miraclulin. When you eat the fruits it makes sour or bitter foods taste incredibly sweet. This tropical plant grows best in acidic soils. They need to be in an area that is free from frost, and they perform well in high humidity environments. The plants will fruit after growing for 3–4 years if grown in the correct conditions. The Kiwi Grower is a channel featuring all sorts of unusual of often tropical fruiting plants with tips of how to successfully grow them. I’m interested in all things gardening and love growing edibles. While I’m not in a tropical climate I like pushing limits of what I can grow and sharing experiments with you all. Come learn with me and don’t forget to Subscribe! I have animal videos too :).