How Do You Dispose Of Compost?

How to dispose of compost? Compost is disposed of via the organic waste garbage can for green waste. In addition, it is also possible to dispose of it at the green waste collection point. Compost is a valuable resource in itself and should be used whenever possible.

Recycle compost as fertilizer instead of disposing of it

Kompost: Diese Dinge dürfen Sie keinesfalls dort entsorgen

A compost cannot be shifted and stored for any length of time. In general, compost is not something that should be left to its own devices for long. If compost is to develop properly, the gardener’s constant efforts are required.

Only with adequate aeration and proper filling and mixing will the composting process work satisfactorily. The effort that compost takes is worth it: compost is not considered the gardener’s gold for nothing and should be used rather than disposed of.

The “golden” compost is in great demand – at least if it is known exactly what the compost is made of.

It makes the most sense to use self-produced compost as fertilizer. If this is not possible in one’s own garden or if a garden is to be completely rehabilitated, interested parties can usually always be found among other gardeners or farmers and thus does not have to be disposed of.

Compost can be brought to the green waste collection point for disposal.

If there is no further use for compost and it has to be disposed of in larger quantities, it can be taken to the nearest green waste collection point.

As a rule, the delivery there is free of charge – some municipalities even offer a pick-up of the sought-after compost.

In this case, an appointment must be made and the compost bagged and placed at the roadside. When disposing of compost, special green waste bags must be used, which are themselves recyclable.

The exact conditions vary from municipality to municipality and must be requested in good time. As a rule, all the necessary information can be found on the Internet, otherwise the telephone hotline can help.

If larger quantities of green waste accumulate that are not to be composted, direct delivery to the green waste collection point is also a sensible solution to avoid unwanted compost.

The organic waste garbage can also helps with the disposal of compost.
If smaller quantities of green waste accumulate that are not to be composted, you can save yourself the effort and simply fill your home organic waste garbage can.

Even green waste that has already been composted can be disposed of in this way, at least in small quantities.

This effectively prevents unwanted composting as well as possible odor nuisance. It is also possible to pile green waste around trees and shrubs as a protective barrier for small animals.

Especially during the cold and wet season, when compost is not the right solution, this environmentally friendly way of disposing of green waste can be worthwhile. Still, compost is not waste, it can be put to good use in many ways, and it is a sought-after commodity.

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