How much, how little compost do you need to grow great vegetables?

This video is relevant to all gardeners, whether or not you dig/till the soil. There is no right / wrong amount of compost. My explanations are from 40 years of an organic approach, using no synthetic or artificially manufactured fertilisers or feeds. All fertility is from compost, with best results from leaving it on the surface, as in no dig. Compost enhances life in no dig soil. Whereas in dug/tilled soil, plants obtain less value from the compost, because of the disruption to the fertility network of mycelia for example. I answer many questions about this topic. I relate to your uncertainties, such as feeling daunted at the beginning by imagining the huge amount of compost you think you might need to start no dig! You can use a lot, and it’s a great investment in long term fertility. Or you can use less.

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