How To Easily Grow Garlic At Home And Never Run Out Again

Raw or cooked, garlic is a staple food found in many dishes thanks to its unique taste. But its interest is not only gustatory, it is excellent in prevention to offer an iron health and to cure already well installed evils. Indeed, in addition to being antibacterial, antifungal and very low in calories, it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins (B6 and C) and minerals (calcium, potassium…). It takes care of the heart, blood pressure and helps to manage high cholesterol levels.

You think it is complicated to plant it? Dear gardening friend, you’re wrong! Here’s how to grow garlic at home with ease. And what’s more, you’ll have it all year round to flavour your culinary preparations and in the garden, it scares away many pests.

What you need for your seedlings:

  • Pots with drainage + Seedling soil
  • Fresh heads of garlic
  • Steps to growing garlic:

1) Before planting, take your carefully chosen heads of garlic and separate the cloves, being careful not to damage the base.

2) In the garden, bury the cloves pointy side up. Remember to sow them about 10 cm apart.

3) Cover your seeds with a few centimeters of potting soil that you will keep moist, but not too much so as not to drown the garlic. You want to water enough to avoid dryness, that’s all. Indeed, it doesn’t need much water so don’t be heavy handed about watering.

4) Let it grow by cutting the flowers regularly so that the taste is concentrated in the bulb.

Garlic bulbs need 8 to 10 months to grow and the best time to plant is early spring or fall. We know it is ready to be harvested when the plant has 5 to 6 yellowish leaves. It will then need to be dried for a week in a dry, temperate place (such as a garage) before being used.

Note that the green stems are edible and can therefore also be eaten like chives or aromatic herbs (parsley, basil…). Far from being comparable to weeds, these stems full of flavor are delicious in omelets or salads with tomatoes and olive oil!

Alternative technique for growing garlic:

How To Easily Grow Garlic At Home And Never Run Out Again

Good news for gardeners: growing garlic is definitely very amazing! Indeed, it is also possible to put cloves in a glass with a little water (pointed part up always). All you have to do is let it germinate! Once you have obtained roots and a stem, you can plant them in the ground as explained above. The young shoots will be very easy to cultivate. Both gardening techniques work and will help you take advantage of the nutritional and medicinal properties of garlic.