How to Fill a Tall Raised Bed for Less than $15!

One of the best ways to fill up a raised bed is to use a method called hügelkultur. Essentially it’s a layered raised bed using large logs as a base, sticks, grass, or leaves and other organic matter to fill up to the desired height. This is sort of a modified version of this using the same layering techniques and a few store bought bags of soil conditioner.

The advantage of this method is you are filling up with organic matter that will gradually break down and compost in place. It also puts layers of soil between the planting zone and the ground which suppressed weed growth from under the raised bed.

This can be done very cheaply as long as you have access to good materials. If you have a wood chipper or have access to free wood chips you could even do this for free!

Ingredients used: compost, logs, sticks, grass clippings, and soil conditioner.

Had we been building this in the fall I would have layered leaves into the mix!