How to Grow Chocolate Pudding Fruit from Seed – Black Sapote

I’ll be growing Black Sapote AKA Chocolate pudding fruit from seed in today’s video showing the plants growing into beautiful seedlings. I’ll share my tips of how to successfully grow them and show you how I plant them into containers. I’ll be keeping these protected indoors over the Winter as they are a subtropical fruit tree. I can wait to be able to taste this amazing tropical looking fruit and see if it really does taste like chocolate pudding. Black Sapotes are related to Persimmons and are native to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and Colombia.

The name sapote refers to any soft, edible fruit. Black sapote is surprisingly not related to white sapote or mamey sapote. The Kiwi Grower is a channel featuring all sorts of unusual of often tropical fruiting plants with tips of how to successfully grow them. I’m interested in all things gardening and love growing edibles. While I’m not in a tropical climate I like pushing limits of what I can grow and sharing experiments with you all. Come learn with me and Subscribe! I have animal videos too 🙂