How to Grow Feijoas – Planting and Care Guide

Feijoa’s (Pineapple guava) are a common fruit here in New Zealand and can be found in many backyard gardens. This subtropical fruiting tree is hardy to at least -7 degrees Celsius (19 Fahrenheit) and can handle hot temperatures too, so they can be grown and fruit successfully in many climates around the world due to their temperature tolerance. I’m growing my Feijoa trees in a line to form a hedge which will be a great windbreak for my food forest area, where I’ll be growing lots of fruit trees. Acca sellowiana (Feijoa) is a species in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. They are native to the highlands of southern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, Uruguay, northern Argentina, and Colombia. This tree is widely cultivated for its fruit and due to the ornamental nature of the plant. They make a great addition to an edible garden and are a prolific fruiter. They also attract birds to the garden when they flower, as birds eat the petals which in turn pollinates the flowers in order for fruiting success.

Varieties we’ve planted: Unique – Fruits in Feb/March Pounamu – Fruits in March/April Den’s Choice – Fruits April Apollo – Fruits April/May Triumph – Fruits April-June Mammoth – Fruits May/June Wiki Tu – Fruits May/June