How to grow Scadoxus multiflorus simple Bring fireworks into your garden

This plant explodes into flower, producing huge orange-red flower balls in mid to late summer, it’s a plant for semi-shade or shade in well-watered, frost-free gardens. Scadoxus multiflorus ssp katharinae is an evergreen rhizomatous perennial, producing up to nine leaves per season whose tubular leaf bases form a pseudostem, a false stem formed by the sheathing leaf bases which overlap closely and are pressed flat against each other. The pseudostem is sturdy and fleshy with a diameter of up to 25 mm, and is usually purple spotted but can be plain and almost white. The leaves are large and thin-textured with a distinct midrib and an undulating margin. They encircle the pseudostem giving a single plant an overall symmetric shape. The leaves of a well-grown plant can stand up to 70 cm high with a spread of up to 110 cm.