How To Install Fence Posts In Rocky Soil

Dealing With Rocky Soil - How To Get Rid Of Rocks In Soil

One of the most frustrating and difficult aspects of building a fence is encountering solid rock. Fence lines often have to cross areas of pure rock, for example, when installing a storage fence in rural areas. Posts, whether wood or T-beam, can be installed in solid rock. This is a difficult job that is best done with two workers. The result is a fence line supported by solid posts.

Step 1
Measure the fence line and mark on the rock where each post should go. At each mark, use a hole punch to drill a series of holes in a circle and inside the circle. Drill holes to create a circle twice the diameter of the post and 6 to 10 inches deep.

Step 2
With a medium-sized drill bit, use the hammer drill to extract all the rock from inside the drilled circle. Pick up all rock fragments out of the hole. Repeat the drilling pattern going down another 6 to 10 inches. Break this up with the hammer drill and clean out the hole.

Step 3
Continue drilling and hammering the rock until the hole reaches 2 feet deep. Place the wooden post in the hole with the fence level fenced on a top corner of the post.

Step 4
Mix a bag of cement in the wheelbarrow. Hold the post in position and check it with a level. Have an assistant shovel cement into the hole around the fence post. Fill the hole, then add more cement to the base of the post. Use the shovel to carve the cement and make a lap lift. This will prevent water from pooling around the post.

Step 5
Prepare the post to be perfectly level when the cement sets.

Step 6
Set the steel posts into the rock by drilling a hole slightly larger than the post diameter. Strike the spade at the bottom of the tee. Drop the bottom end of the post into the hole. If it fits, lower the post with a hammer. If it is loose, fill the post with cement.

Step 7
Allow 24 hours for the cement to fully cure before stretching the wire and attaching it to the posts.

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