How To Keep The Compost Bowl Clean

Do you have a small bowl for organic waste in the kitchen? Maybe you even collect for your own compost pile? Unfortunately, most waste is moist and dries out over time. As a result, some always sticks to the bottom of the bowl and has to be scraped off when you empty it.

A piece of kitchen paper on the bottom of the bowl helps against this. It absorbs the moisture and you have no more problems with it. However, the whole thing goes even more resource-efficient! Most of the paper bags you can get at the bakery are biodegradable and are great for this.

And if you ever have guests who don’t actually use your napkins, you can use those for that as well. When your trash goes in the garbage can, it might also be worth wrapping the contents of the bowl in newspaper before you throw it away. This way, leftovers won’t stick to your garbage can and you’ll prevent bad odors.