How To Make A Super-nutritious Humus For The Garden?

This year, leaf fall season won’t just mean chores and garbage collection. Take advantage of this pile of plant waste to make nutritious compost that can be reused as nutritious humus for the next season. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Mix roughly equal parts dry waste (dead leaves, grass clumps) and wet waste (kitchen trash: fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, egg shells).
  2. Pile the pile directly on the ground, in the shade. Cover it with a tarp or a plant cover made of branches, straw and ferns. Make sure that the pile remains covered at all times.
  3. Allow about 6 months for the compost to make itself. Be sure to remove the cover regularly to dispose of the waste as it comes in. Don’t forget to put the cover back on as soon as possible.
  4. This will give you perfect soil for the spring. All you have to do is scrape the base of the pile to feed your next planting.

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