How To Make Your Own Weed Killer In Minutes

We taught you that pasta cooking water is a good weed killer, as is dishwashing liquid. So, thanks to our articles, you now know how to control weeds. However, every gardener knows that weeds can be tenacious. So, how do you weed your lawn and eliminate weeds between the tiles of the terrace without chemical weed killers? We suggest you discover a very easy to make and quick recipe of ecological home weed killer to eradicate them.

What you need:

1 liter of white vinegar (its acetic acid makes all the difference!)
8 tablespoons of squeezed lemon juice
1 empty spray bottle

How to make a very effective homemade weed killer?

Pour the vinegar into the empty spray bottle.
Add the squeezed lemon.
Shake well so that the mixture is well mixed before spraying on the plants.
Spray the weeds every 2-3 days. It is best to spray your weed killer when they are exposed to full sun.
When they are dead, pull the unwanted weeds to remove them. Hand weeding requires elbow grease, but you can’t get much better weed control with this natural weed killer recipe.

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If weeds are stubborn, use a white vinegar-gin-dishwashing liquid mixture instead, taking a tablespoon of each ingredient. Spray directly on the shoots to prevent weeds from growing. No more need for harmful herbicide plant protection products!

You can also pour boiling water directly on the weeds to control them. This is also part of the ecological solutions without chemicals and without big salt not without danger for the environment in regular use. However, only use these products on unwanted plants (quackgrass, nettle, ivy, dandelions, bindweed, etc.). Otherwise, you could burn your plantings, beds and shrubs!