How To Save A Plant In Bad Shape

You bought beautiful green plants, but they did not last long? Some indoor plants can suffer from bad light or direct sunlight, too little or too much humidity or too much or too little watering with hard water. Their foliage or flowering tops then lose all their beauty.

There is no need to limit yourself to succulents! We have concocted a grandmother’s recipe to save a plant in bad condition with only a blender to help you achieve this ingenious trick. The ingredients used contain nutrients known to promote plant growth. This super homemade fertilizer will give a second life to plants that really need it!

What you need:

1 blender
2 banana peels
1 cup of coffee grounds
Egg shells

Steps to save a bad plant:

1/ First of all, mix all the ingredients in a blender

2/ Then pour the mixture into the soil of your flower pots, directly on the substrate. Count about one tablespoon for a small plant and two to three tablespoons for your larger pots.

3/ Then, you will have to maintain by adding this mixture once a week in your plants in pot. You can also put it on the potting soil when you notice that your indoor or outdoor green plant is starting to wilt and is in bad shape.

Even more effective than compost in caring for plants, it will give your shrubs, cacti, flowering plants (white flowers, etc.) and potted plants a good boost. It’s ideal when a plant is dying and you don’t know what to do! You can also water them with water enriched with banana peel to give them a little strength. With a few clay balls at the bottom of the pot, they will benefit from it for a long time while benefiting from a good drainage. Friend gardener, you no longer need products bought in garden centers to display a luxuriant vegetation in your small interior!

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