How to Save Sage Seeds – Never Buy Seed Again!

Sage is such a delicious and wonderful herb. Loaded with flavor and super productive. This Mediterranean broad leafed herb is a favorite in our garden. In today’s episode I will show you how to save the seeds of it. It’s simple! Sage is such a pretty herb as it grows and it seems that the mosquitoes don’t like it so much.

I happened to harvest some more sage a couple weeks ago, as the plants was still going in spite of frosts and not being covered for most of them, and happened to snap off a long stem. I don’t even remember now if I did this purposely to do this, but later inside the house, I took off lower leaves on it and stuck it into a pot with some other herbs, and spare room, in my windowsill. I patted it in and watered it a little. It dropped over the next week, then gradually started to perk up 🙂 ! it’s now clearly taking off and so if my plant in garden which I started from seed this past srping, doesn’t survive our winter ( zone 4a nw WI ) , I will still have one. Now, I just need to get using it more – I still have sage from when I harvested a LOT several years/several homes ago… :