How To Scare Birds Away Effectively?

At dawn, you are awakened by the birds chirping above your head. All day long, birds and crows circle you, they nest in your trees, on your roof. You can’t take it anymore! And your scarecrow doesn’t even scare them. It’s time to get out the claws and scare the birds away. Here’s how to fight the invasion!

Of course, to keep these animals away, we immediately think of scarecrows… However, they are not very effective today. Yes, sparrows and other feathered friends have adapted! From now on, you should use scarecrows that reflect light and make noise. Be careful though, birds get used to them: you should change them regularly and use different ones.

How to keep birds away from cherry trees? And the vegetable garden?

When you see the birds that regularly come to your garden, you almost feel like you’re in Hitchcock’s film “The Birds”? These birds have quickly made your exterior their home and don’t hesitate to peck at your cherries and other fruits and vegetables… All that is soon a thing of the past! Here are 8 tips to keep birds away from your cherry trees and vegetable garden.

  1. Place strips of aluminum foil
    You can find them in stores, or even in your kitchen. Simply hang strips where the birds go to watch them fly away. A length of 50 cm is sufficient:

For a cherry tree: hang them on the branches, about 20 strips will do;
For a shrub or a vegetable garden: hang them between two stakes, between 5 and 10 will do.
Place them when the fruit starts to become appetizing to the birds, i.e. when it starts to turn color. You can remove them when the harvest is over.

  1. Dig out your old CDs
    Do you have old albums in your closet that you haven’t listened to in a while? You’re right not to get rid of them! Here’s how to turn your old favorites into bird repellents: glue 2 CDs together, with the reflective sides facing out, and place them in your trees: between 10 and 20 are enough.

You can reinforce the effect by making them make noise: hang a metal object, like a nut, on your CD. With the wind, the sound produced will not be to your enemies’ liking.

You can also find metal cat heads in stores. Although these scarecrows are cuter than others, you should know that they are not very effective.

  1. Use cade oil
    You can also soak a rag in cade oil, which you hang from a tree or stake in the vegetable garden. An awful smell for these winged creatures that will quickly pack up!
Pigeons sur un balcon en pierre
  1. Hang smoked or unsmoked herring
    The smell of this fish will put off your sworn enemies, but don’t overdo it so as not to become a strong player in food waste!
  2. Install a radio
    Turn on the radio near your tree or plantation, and let’s hear some music! You can even have fun listening to your old albums on CD instead of hanging them up: you’ll be able to watch the birds fly away while feeling nostalgic for the best music of your time!
  3. Set up a net
    One method that won’t leave a chance: a net. It’s simple: no birds will be able to sneak in! The only drawback: your garden will be less aesthetic.
  4. Distract their attention by placing food elsewhere
    If the birds are feasting on your tomatoes, strawberries and cherries, you need to offer them something else! Invest in some birdseed and place it in a feeder. Most birds will turn away from your orchard and plantings!
  5. Stretch out nylon strings
    This technique, similar to netting, will be used to essentially protect your seedlings. Lay nylon strings over them, spaced about 10 cm apart.

Birds have damaged your home? Let a professional clean it up!

Here are 6 things you can do to keep the birds off your balcony:

Don’t leave food lying around;

Place spices: pepper, curry, cinnamon… This will not please their beaks;

Hang up CDs and aluminum strips;

Buy a windmill: its movements will make the birds leave;

Use a repellent spray: try one without chemicals;

Put up Plexiglas or PVC: they will slide off and not stay.

How do I get birds off the roof?

As previously mentioned, you can hang CDs on your roof or place aluminum strips.