How To Stop Flies In The Kitchen?


Flies may not be particularly harmful, unlike other insects such as mosquitoes or ants. Still, it’s not a pretty sight when flies besiege the cake you’ve just baked, and the constant buzzing might get on your nerves.

If you are tired of being constantly besieged by flies, there are good ways to get rid of them. In this guide, you will learn how to stop putting up with flies in your own 4 walls.

What are the flies attracted to?

First, it helps if you understand why the flies are in your environment in the first place. Why are the flies nesting in your home of all places?

Flies are mainly attracted to food. They live where the food supply is plentiful. This is the case in the kitchen, for example, where fruit or other food is lying around in the open.

Rotten fruit, for example, is a veritable feast not only for fruit flies. The common house fly also feeds on these fruit remnants. They may no longer be edible for humans, but the flies can easily penetrate the soft skin and reach the flesh of the fruit. Therefore, one precaution is to dispose of the rotten fruit immediately.

Likewise, you should avoid leaving used dishes around. The food scraps also attract the flies and thus they can multiply rapidly.

If the flies feel at home with you, a single fly can lay up to 1,000 eggs. The life span of a fly is 3 weeks to 2 months. But with such a large number of eggs and offspring, you will quickly have to deal with a plague that you will hardly get rid of.

Protect from the flies

Therefore, you should act quickly when the flies have taken up residence in your home. Otherwise, you will not be able to cope with the situation and will be constantly annoyed by these pests.

Hygiene measures

In the first place, you should put a special emphasis on hygiene. Do not leave any food in the open. Stow them on shelves and make sure they are inaccessible to flies. Dirty dishes should either be rinsed off immediately or stored in such a way that flies cannot get to the food.

If you are planning a celebration, you should protect all food. Cakes should be covered and fruit juices should not be poured into glasses ahead of time.

A particularly popular source of flies is the trash can. Be sure to obtain a trash can with a closed lid and empty it as often as possible. Otherwise, the trash can provides a veritable breeding ground where flies can multiply.

Fly screen

To prevent flies from entering the apartment or house in the first place, fly screens are practical. These are attached to the window with a few simple steps and through the fine cover flies can no longer enter the apartment.

It is practical that there are fly screens without drilling for attachment. For the attachment you do not need any tools and thus you can remove the grids in the winter again, if they should disturb.

Keep away flies with odors

How To Stop Flies In The Kitchen?

If you do not want to install grilles and prefer to use home remedies, you can rely on odors as a defensive measure, which are said to be disliked by flies.

For the balcony it is suitable if you rely on plants. A good choice are tomatoes, basil and geraniums. These are detested by the flies and thus you avoid that the flies get into the apartment via the balcony.

Other insider tips are laurel oil, mint and lavender. You can distribute these in the room so that the flies stay away from it. However, the effectiveness of these measures is controversial.


If you want to keep your own four walls free of flies, the fly screen offers the most comprehensive protection. The screen is inserted into the window frame and prevents flies from entering the private realm.

If there are already a few flies in the apartment, you should take care with sufficient hygiene that they do not multiply unhindered. By not leaving leftovers and food open, the food supply will be withdrawn and the flies will look for another place to live.

Enjoy the summer months and with these precautions, no longer worry about flies spoiling your breakfast on the balcony or a nice garden party.

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