How To Water Mini Watermelon

The name says it all: watermelons store large amounts of water in their sweet fruits. That’s why they taste so incredibly delicious and are the perfect low-calorie refreshment in summer. We explain how to water your watermelon so that the exotic fruits thrive.

Pour mini watermelon: Here’s what you need to watch out for

Especially in the summer, when the fruits are growing, the water requirement of the watermelon is particularly high. The mini watermelon is also happy about regular watering, at high temperatures quite daily. Therefore, no matter what variety of watermelon you are cultivating, you can follow these instructions.

The water should penetrate into deeper layers of soil to really reach all the roots. Watermelons that grow in containers naturally need more water than those grown in greenhouses or outdoors. The larger the planter, the better the moisture will hold in the soil. Make sure that the leaves stay dry, as this makes it more difficult for pathogens to spread. Therefore, always water from below.

Water yes please, waterlogging no thank you

The mini watermelon, just like its larger relatives, needs plenty of water. The roots should never dry out completely over several days, but it also does not tolerate waterlogging. The key here is to find the happy medium with a little practice. Permeable substrate and, in the case of container planting, good drainage, ensure that the water can drain away well. Holes in the bottom of the pot are also very important and helpful. Especially young plants need a permanently moist substrate to develop well. However, waterlogging must be avoided in any case.

If you have a very heavy clay soil in your garden, you should work some gravel or sand and compost into the substrate directly at planting time to improve permeability.

How To Water Mini Watermelon

With what water should I water my mini watermelon?

In general, the plant is not very picky about water. Rainwater is the cherry on top, but the mini watermelon also has no problem with water from the tap. The only important thing is that the water is neither icy cold nor too hot. If you don’t have rainwater available and live in an area with extremely chalky water, you should let it stand overnight and/or boil it before watering.

How often do I need to water my mini watermelon?

How often you need to water depends partly on the weather and partly on where your mini watermelon is growing. Too little water can cause the fruit to grow deformed and remain rather small.

Watering mini watermelon: Outdoor or greenhouse?

In the open field you need to water a little less often, because there your watermelon also gets rain and moisture from time to time. In addition, the garden soil can retain moisture best outdoors. In the greenhouse, the watermelon is protected from rain, here you need to check more often if it needs water. In both cases, a layer of mulch will help prevent waterlogging and keep moisture in the soil longer.

Watering mini watermelon: in the tub

If your mini watermelon is growing in a tub, you will generally need to water more frequently. It has much less soil available, so on the one hand the water is used up quickly. On the other hand, the soil warms up more quickly, so the moisture evaporates more quickly.

How often you have to water your mini watermelon

In the greenhouse and tub you need to water daily in warm temperatures, otherwise at least every 2 days. It is better to water less at a time, but more often. On very hot summer days, you can even give your mini watermelon a small watering in the morning and another one in the evening. If it is also very dry, you can also do this outdoors.

In general, you should water your mini watermelon in the early morning or in the evening, when the sun is low. This is because the full summer sun will cause the water to evaporate before it can penetrate deep into the soil and be fully absorbed by the plant. If you follow these little tips, your mini watermelon will grow magnificently and thank you with lots of fruit.