How To Water Sage Properly?

As an evergreen semi-shrub sage develops a lush foliage and thus evaporates abundant water. Since the herb plant also comes from the dry Mediterranean region, it does not tolerate permanently wet soil. The following tips reveal how to create the perfect water supply:

Salbei gießen
  • Water young sage regularly and generously
  • Allow the soil to dry out between waterings
  • From the second year of growth, water only when it is not raining.
  • In winter, water from time to time, if it is not freezing

In the scarce substrate volume of a container sage is dependent on regular watering, even in later years. If the surface of the soil feels dry, water.

Watering seed pots from below
In the course of sowing or propagation by cuttings, the tender sage plants do not tolerate watering from above. In dry conditions, place the pots in 5 inches of water that will rise to the top due to capillary action. Check the moisture level of the substrate with your thumb to lift the growing pots (7,00€ at Amazon*) out of the water in time.

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