I Grew Peach Trees From Seed and this is what happened

Today I’ll be showing you a peach tree I grew from seed 8 years ago, and growing more peach trees from seed using several different methods, to see which method works the best. The video covers a 1 year long journey of harvesting, germinating and growing peach pits from start to finish. This will be the second generation of peaches I’ve grown from seed, from these beautiful red flesh ‘sanguine’ peaches which are an heirloom peach variety great for home orchards and gardens. Peaches are a great fruit to grow from seed because in most cases the fruit will come true to the parent tree, giving you a high quality harvest.

It only takes around 3 -4 years to start harvesting your own peaches which is reasonably fast for seed grown fruit trees. I think it’s that extra bit satisfying too if you grew the peach trees from seed yourself! Today we’ll learn about the anatomy of the seeds, how to stratify peach seeds to get them to germinate, as well as some mistakes to avoid. We’ll also cover questions like – how long does it take for peach trees to fruit from seed, why won’t peach seeds germinate, do peaches grow true to type, how to select the best peach seeds to grow, can you skip stratification for germinating peach pits, and how to plant peach trees in your garden, orchard or food forest.