Is Lavender Good As Ground Cover?

Almost everyone knows the lush purple blooming, seemingly endless lavender fields from Provence. In Europe, lavender can also be planted as a hedge or even as a ground cover.

Lavendel als Bodendecker

Planting lavender ground cover

While lavender is not a classic groundcover – after all, the plant naturally grows in height and does not creep along the ground – it can still be planted groundcover. As a result, you will be able to grow a more or less low hedge, which is wonderful as an edging for flower beds or as a path border. To achieve this goal, you will need about between 12 to 16 plants per square meter, planting them as evenly spaced as possible. The best time for planting is late spring or early summer. Winter-hardy lavender varieties can also be planted as late as August. Before you get to work, however, you should first check the soil conditions in your garden. Lavender needs sandy to stony, nutrient-poor soil. Heavy clay or peat soils, on the other hand, are not very suitable. In addition, lavender is a sun lover and prefers a full sun location.

Suitable lavender varieties
Low-growing lavender varieties of the hardy species “Lavandula angustifolia”, the so-called true lavender, are particularly suitable as ground cover. Varieties such as “Hidecote Blue”, “Peter Pan” or “Dwarf Blue” only grow between 25 and about 40 centimeters high. They are available not only in the typical lavender blue, but also in white or pink flowering.

Lavender hedge care
Lavender is a perennial shrub that tends to become woody. In order to enjoy your hedge for many years to come, you should care for it accordingly. Lavender shrubs should be pruned at least once, or better yet, twice a year. Otherwise, they will become bald and literally fall apart. Cut your plants down by about two-thirds in the spring – in good, warm weather, preferably as early as March – but without cutting into the old wood. A second pruning is then done in the summer, no later than early August, when the shrubs begin to fade. This second, not quite so drastic, pruning encourages the plants to flower a second time.

Tips & Tricks
Some people like to put groundcover lavender between their roses to keep aphids and ants away from them, as well as to control rampant weeds. Unfortunately, roses and lavender do not get along due to their very different care and soil requirements. Weeds can also become a problem, as lavender does not keep them out. Instead, you need to weed regularly.

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