Melon growing and harvest, on the ground or up a string

Two ways to grow these, on the ground or up a string. They are warmth loving and grow best under cover in our temperate oceanic climate. UK is officially zone 8 but we have cool summers, average afternoons 21C 70F.
I show you Early Moonbeam watermelon and Minnesota Midget melon, both from home saved seed. Growing in same bed as watermelon last year. Seed was saved from plants with no other cucurbits nearby.
In the polytunnel we see Tiger Melon, Early Granite and Kasakh, from Real Seeds, plants from Stephanie Hafferty.
I show indications for judging ripeness.
Tasting notes – sweetest was the watermelon! Lovely flavour too, closely followed by Kasakh, is fruity while the Tiger melon has great melon flavour and dense texture but is less sweet, maybe not fully ripe or needs more heat than here.
All grown no dig with no feeds. Compost mulch feeds soil life which feeds roots.