Multiplying Strawberry Plants: How To

Simply create new strawberry plants from runners: it’s fast and economical. Expand your strawberry plantation with runners, which give new plants!

Strawberry plants produce runners: stems that grow from the mother plant and create a new one when they anchor in the soil. If you want beautiful strawberries, eliminate the runners. But if you want new plants, remove the runners for more beautiful runners. Prepare it before you pull it from the mother plant and transplant it into the ground.

Operate during the summer, pull a line of stolons, and locate the most developed, with roots and beautiful leaves. Keep it attached to the mother plant and plant it in a pot filled with soil, which you will place on the ground, at the initial place of the stolon. To maintain it in the pot, block it with an iron rider. Water the pot.
The young plant remains attached to the mother plant for two weeks, however, eliminate the secondary runners so as not to exhaust it and make it thicker.

Supprimez les stolons qui épuisent le pied mère ou multipliez vos fraisiers

At the end of the two weeks, cut the stem that still attaches it to the mother plant, and transplant it to its final place in the garden. Count 20 plants to prepare for the needs of a family. And next year, on these plants, eliminate the runners to favor the strawberries.

Good to know: Even when transplanting runners, you will need to renew your strawberry mother plants every 2-3 years. Strawberry plants become fragile and very susceptible to virus diseases, and the variety loses its characteristics with each propagation by runners. Also change the location of the strawberry field.

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