Nettle: 4 Little-known Tricks To Make It A Daily Ally

Nettle is far from being a popular plant. Many have experienced its painful sting and others have not had to do so to fear it. But if you are one of those who don’t like it, this article may help to restore its reputation. Far from being defined only by its stinging aspect, it is above all a very useful plant in many ways. Here are some uses to change your mind about this “weed”.

1) Prepare a nettle purin for your garden

Nettle: 4 Little-known Tricks To Make It A Daily Ally

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It can be very useful if your plants are invaded by aphids and other mites, but it is also and above all a 100% natural and 100% effective fertilizer.

What you need:
150 g of young nettle shoots (not gone to seed)
1 L of rainwater
1) Cut the leaves fairly finely and put them in the bottom of a bucket. Add the water.

2) It is now time to macerate according to the average temperatures outside:

30 °C = 7 days
20 °C = 14 days
5 °C = 21 days.
3) Brew this preparation every day.

4) A good way to know if it is ready is to observe the bubbles that form in the mixture. Once there are no more bubbles, strain and filter in a dry, dark place.

5) Pure, it will serve as a compost gas pedal. As a fertilizer, it will suffice to dilute one dose for 10 doses of water in a spray to be used on the soil and stems and half a dose in the same volume of water will give you an anti-aphid repellent to be sprayed on the leaves to be treated

2) Nettle can be used on your plate and take care of your health

After inviting itself into the garden, it is now inviting itself to the table and giving us iron health. Speaking of which, nettle is rich in iron, but also in calcium, potassium and phosphorus. It also contains vitamins A, B and C. It gives energy and it is also a detox plant which is depurative and diuretic.

We are not going to develop a recipe here, but you will find thousands of them on the net and in cookbooks. If the nettle soup remains a classic appreciated by all, you can also make an excellent pesto or a sublime quiche.

3) It’s not just good for hurting! Here are some remedies that heal

As a poultice
Those who suffer from rheumatism or various pains appreciate nettle, which has the particularity of activating blood circulation and relieving painful limbs. Make a paste with green clay and water and add chopped nettle leaves. Apply this to the area to be treated and cover with a cloth. Leave on for at least two hours (a whole night would be ideal).

In herbal tea
Whether you suffer from menstruation, intestinal cramps or constipation, nettle tea is a real must! Thanks to its depurative properties, it is also appreciated in case of cystitis. Simply add 500 g of fresh nettles to three liters of boiling water and reduce until only one liter remains. Finish by straining.

4) Utilities in the bathroom

Nettle: 4 Little-known Tricks To Make It A Daily Ally

On the face
You can use nettle tea, the preparation of which is explained earlier, to rinse a face that suffers from acne.

On the hair
Rinse water for oily hair
You can fight excess sebum with a nettle rinse. Dry some leaves and infuse them in 500 ml of hot water (2 tablespoons are enough). Give the mixture 15 minutes to rest and use it in the shower after washing your hair and applying your usual care products.

Anti-dandruff mask
Mix a handful of nettle leaves with two tablespoons of olive oil until the mixture forms a smooth paste. Apply it to your hair and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally, massage the scalp before rinsing thoroughly.