No Dig Carrots, easier than you thought

Grow straight carrots! Sow direct rather than in modules. However, carrot seeds are tiny, and early growth can quickly disappear after night-time grazing by slugs or rabbits, even woodlice. Success comes from sowing in beds with no pest habitat nearby, and perhaps with a cover against rabbits. Fleece, for example, can protect early spring sowings from rabbits, as well as increasing the speed of carrot growth.

The soil/compost surface of a no dig bed can be imperfect! For example, I never sieve compost for beds, and sow into a surface with many lumps the size of marbles. 

This is better than a fine soil surface which can easily be compacted by rain, a process called ‘capping’. The result is a hard layer at the surface, which prevents the emergence of germinating leaves.

Video filmed in September and edited in April by my son edward. Because of the timing we have an emphasis on autumn and winter carrots. Then in spring the process is similar, with just a small difference that varieties such as early Nantes and Amsterdam Forcing grow really fast from early sowing.

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