No dig, using less compost to grow great plants and have clean soil

Compared to when soil is dug and cultivated, resulting in a loss of carbon to CO2, no dig is economical with inputs of organic matter. I show how using cardboard (just once) and a 2in/5cm mulch of compost on top is enough to kill most weeds and provide clean soil for planting. The thumbnail shows beds I made in 2013, using thick cardboard and 2in/5cm compost, which killed many vigorous weeds except for bindweed! In other videos I show no dig beds with more compost than this, which is good for increasing yields of vegetables, and is more time efficient per weight of harvests. The choice is yours whether you use less or more organic matter. The great thing is that no dig requires less in the end, compared to when soil is disturbed regularly, which causes oxidation of carbon to the atmosphere.

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