No Need To Buy Cuttings Hormone, Make It Yourself!

Cutting hormone has several properties that make it useful to gardeners and very effective in the garden. It is very beneficial to the roots of the seedlings which take root better and develop wonderfully. One can then repot them quietly. In addition, it promotes the healing of the cuttings in the places where you have cut.

Thus, it makes it possible to better succeed the cuttings of certain plants requiring the help of the hormones of cutting. For example, roses love it! If you want to go for homemade and organic instead of synthetic and save a few bucks, here’s how to create it yourself. In addition, cutting powder is no longer allowed to be sold commercially. So it is convenient to know a natural alternative easy to make!

What you need to make cuttings hormone:

Willow stems – Any willow tree will work, but you will only need to take the stems (not the leaves)
A large container (bucket…)

Clear water
1) Cut each willow stem to be between 5 and 10 cm.

No Need To Buy Cuttings Hormone, Make It Yourself!
No Need To Buy Cuttings Hormone, Make It Yourself!

2) Put them in your container and add water.

No Need To Buy Cuttings Hormone, Make It Yourself!

3) Let the stems soak for about 3 weeks. The water will turn brown and slimy: this is your cutting hormone!

hormone de bouturage

Proof that it is effective: your stems will have developed some buds at the level of the cuttings. Your young shoots and new shoots will have an excellent root development and you will increase your chances of success when taking cuttings.

hormone de bouturage

How to use your cutting hormone?

Use your homemade cutting hormone as a synthetic gardening hormone! Use this when you are cutting or watering your cuttings. You can also test the liquid on young plants to help them develop roots or on plants that are losing vigor.

An alternative to sage water in cuttings hormone:
After cutting flowers, you can use water mixed with aspirin (1 aspirin 500 mg tablet per 5 L of water) to take advantage of its natural anticoagulant effects.