One Thing You Should Never Do to Your Fall Garden

Many gardeners like the idea of putting their garden to bed for the winter. When they do that, it often includes tilling which aerates the soil, loosens it, and allows it to be more workable. The problem is it is the wrong time of year to do it and can lead to more problems in the long run.

One thing I would add is to use your fallen leaves. Just lay them on top of your garden beds. Its best if you mulch them first. All you need is an inch or two in depth. Don’t mix them in. This will protect very beneficial bacteria and fungi as well as replenish biomass. It also is beneficial for your back and knees as it prevents weed growth in the garden. One thing you never want to do is bury a plant you want to keep. So plants that grow back every year from bulbs or tubers do great when burried and in my experience do so much better if they get burried in the fall under leaves. I’ve been doing this now for about 7 years and I do very little weeding and my garden plants get massive every year. Hostas, Helleborus, Iris, etc, until I started doing this, they never got so big.