Planting Herbs – What Soil Should I Use?

Planting Herbs - What Soil Should I Use?

Fresh herbs are a must in the kitchen garden. If you do not want to plant them directly in the bed, take mobile planters, that is, pots or window boxes for the balcony. When planting, you should not use ordinary potting soil.

Water must be able to drain easily in the herb pot

If the plants are intended for pots or other containers, they should not be planted in garden soil. It is best to use coarse – the larger the pot, the coarser – potting soil. Plants for outdoor use will do fine with normal garden soil. In any case, it is important that the soil is loose. Therefore, it is best to loosen or dig up before planting, so that excess water can drain away quickly, so the roots remain healthy. In areas where water remains for a long time after a rain (poor drainage), a raised bed or a raised bed can be created as a remedy. Especially the Mediterranean herbs like sage, thyme and rosemary depend on good water drainage.

There are now also special herb soil in the trade. It is more expensive than normal potting soil and it contains fewer nutrients. Our tip: Use normal potting soil and mix it with some sand and grit so that the excess water can drain away quickly.