Propagate chrysanthemums the idea of a beautiful hanging pot in the front yard or balcony

Yellow drooping chrysanthemums have soft stems, so they are often grown in lovely hanging pots of different sizes so that branches and flowers droop when they bloom. You can hang it in front of the house, plant it on the balcony… The drooping chrysanthemums are bright yellow and have a mild fragrance that brings a fresh look to your home.

The plant is suitable for all climates and weather, the colder the weather, the more beautiful the flowers, the thick and brilliant petals. About the soil: the growing medium for chrysanthemums needs to ensure moisture retention and good drainage. You can mix the garden soil along with the husks. About water: Because chrysanthemum is a water-loving plant, to ensure that drooping daisies grow well, you should water the plant twice a day. Make sure the pot of chrysanthemums is always kept at the best humidity to prevent the plant from wilting, the flowers are not big and beautiful.

About Fertilizer: Chrysanthemum is a very voracious plant, so you need to regularly fertilize chrysanthemums. About pruning: In order for the chrysanthemum pot to droop in the luxuriant chrysanthemum season, you should regularly prune the branches so that the plant has many branches. The more tops, the more flowers in the chrysanthemum season.