Simple Way to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

This simple way to make cider vinegar needs few tools. A large bucket, hose, then bottles or demijohns (one gallon glass jars).
We used a combination of cooking and cider apples. I show you the different colours.

Adam (ads_wood on Instagram) and I crushed the apples 12th November, since when they have been in the 30 litre/7 gallon containers for 32 days, in the warmth of my conservatory.
Fermentation was rapid but now has almost stopped, so I show one way of extracting the liquid, by siphoning.
Next I leave the cider without a sealed top or cap, exposed to the vinegar bacteria present in air.
A vinegar mother will form – or we could add some from any unpasteurised cider vinegar, where they are often present.