Spring: What Happens To The Trees?

In spring the time of bare branches is over, the deciduous trees get leaves again. But something is also happening inside trunks and branches!

The time always comes in spring: the trees come back to life, they get buds. These then turn into leaves and blossoms. In technical jargon, this is also called “budding. How does the tree know that the time has come again? And what are the leaves actually for?

Spring: What Happens To The Trees?

Trees “feel” the spring

In spring, temperatures rise and days get longer. The trees can “feel” these changes. They are the signal for the tree to “wake up” from its winter dormancy: It begins to grow and bloom again.

Experts have observed that some plants bloom at an earlier and earlier time. The beginning of spring is apparently shifting for them. This is a sign of climate change.

When the ground is no longer frozen, its roots take up water again. The tree transports the water up the trunk to the branches, twigs and leaves. The leaves ensure that the tree constantly brings in supplies. Because when the sun shines on the large surfaces of the leaves, a lot of water evaporates there.

Spring: What Happens To The Trees?

How do trees use solar energy?

The leaves are especially important for the energy supply of the tree. With their help he can use solar energy! Because the so-called photosynthesis takes place in the leaves. The tree “breathes in” the gas carbon dioxide from the air through the leaves. With the help of solar energy, the tree produces sugar from this gas during photosynthesis. The tree in turn obtains its energy from the glucose. The great thing is that photosynthesis not only produces glucose for the tree, but also oxygen. And that’s what humans and animals need to breathe.

Spring: What Happens To The Trees?

The changes in trees in spring happen pretty quickly. If you regularly observe trees more closely at this time of year, you’ll see the many stages of development. And you’ll discover how different the buds, blossoms and leaves of each tree species look.

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