Stop An Ant Invasion With Just Two Ingredients

You thought you were at home, but given their numbers, it’s quite possible that YOU are AT HOME. When ants have taken up residence somewhere, it is not easy to dislodge them. It must be said that they lurk in an often inaccessible corner where they multiply rapidly.

And to see them walking quietly in the living room or kitchen, they have no intention of moving. To get rid of them, don’t buy chemical products! In addition to the classic chalk lines to draw on the floor to block their way, you have a simple solution hidden in your cupboards and we explain how to prepare it.

What you need:

Baking soda (obviously!) or borax
And honey
1) Take a plastic lid and drop some bicarbonate or borax in it.

2) Make a well in the middle into which you can pour a small amount of honey.

3) Using a toothpick, mix the honey with a small amount of powder. Don’t put too much in so as not to denature the honey.

Stop An Ant Invasion With Just Two Ingredients

4) Place your ant treatment in a high-traffic area to ensure that they will fall on it. Leave it in place for two or three days to ensure total effectiveness.

The idea is that the ants will be attracted to the honey you have trapped and will take it to their queen. Once the queen is dead, the invasion will quickly stop! You can do the same thing by mixing bicarbonate and sugar together.

In video (English) :

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